Bunch O’Links

As the ‘best of 2014’ lists fade away, the ‘upcoming for 2015’ lists descend upon us. Here are a select few:

  • BuzzFeed. I do not understand the BuzzFeed website. It is so many things, yet so hard to define. Do I go there for serious investigative news? Cute photos of cats? Quizzes to find out whether I’m a Lenny or a Squiggy? And now it’s giving me reading recommendations.
  • Huffington Post “can’t wait” to read these books.
  • Barnes & Noble is equally impatient about their list.
  • The Millions is so beside itself with anticipation that their list numbers 91 (!) books and only covers the year through September.
  • Thanks to Flavorwire for catering to those of us who get more excited about a big, thick, juicy slab of non-fiction. (They also give us a list of novels here.)
  • Even New Scientist gets into the game with their list of 2015’s science-y books to look forward to. 

What’s on your must-read list for 2015?

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